Community Volunteer Program

Gannett encourages all employees to take part in projects that support the communities we live in and serve. To facilitate this, employees may use up to 10 hours of paid time off during regularly scheduled work hours each calendar year to volunteer for a charitable organization in their community.


All full-time regular Gannett employees are eligible. The 10 hours of paid time off during regularly scheduled work hours may be spread over several days during the calendar year. The hours of volunteer time will not be eligible to be paid at any overtime rate and also will not count toward a weekly determination of whether other hours are to be paid at overtime.


Charitable organizations classified by the IRS as 501(c)(3) non-profit, public charities and municipalities (i.e. public schools) are eligible.


Volunteer activities that benefit the local community are eligible, including, but not limited to serving meals at a soup kitchen; helping to build houses; mentoring area youths; leading a scout troop; assisting students with reading or writing; chaperoning field trips.

Not Eligible:

Programs or initiatives where the primary purpose is the promotion of religious doctrine or tenets. Activities to carry on propaganda, to attempt to influence legislation or the outcome of any public election, or to carry on any voter registration drive. Volunteer activities performed on personal time (e.g., on vacation days, holidays, weekends, before or after regularly scheduled work hours, etc.) are not eligible for this program. Volunteer activities should not reflect negatively on the company or conflict with our responsibility to provide fair and objective news coverage.

To Participate:

The employee selects a volunteer activity and confirms dates and times with the organization. Consult with your supervisor at least 7 days in advance of the requested time off. Legacy Gannett: Go to DayForce to fill out a Time Away request and select Volunteer as the type of PTO. Your supervisor will approve your request through the regular process. Legacy GateHouse:  Request time off from your direct manager who may then approve and enter the volunteer hours in your time card. 


How do I know if an organization or activity is eligible?

Ask your contact at the organization if it is a taxexempt 501(c)(3) public charity. Public schools and other government entities are automatically taxexempt and qualify. If you have questions about a specific organization or activity, you may email for assistance.

Can I use the hours to volunteer for an activity outside my local community?

No, the intent of the program is to make a difference in local communities where Gannett employees live and work. Therefore, volunteering in other locations is not eligible for this program.

How should I enter these hours on my timesheet?

You should record this time as Volunteer/Charity hours. These hours will not be paid at any overtime rate nor will these hours count toward a weekly determination of whether other hours are to be paid at overtime.

Do volunteer hours carry over from year to year?

No, each calendar year employees are eligible to use up to 10 hours of paid time off during regularly scheduled work hours for volunteer activities in their local community. If the hours are not used, they do not carry over to the next year.

Are these volunteer hours eligible for a VolunteerMatch grant?

Yes, if you volunteer 10 hours for an eligible non-profit, you may submit a request to turn your volunteer hours into dollars. Gannett Foundation’s VolunteerMatch program will “match” 10 hours of your volunteer time with a $100 grant to the charity. Maximum two grants per employee per year (i.e. If you volunteer for 10+ hours at two different nonprofit organizations, you can request a total of two $100 grants). To log your volunteer hours and request a VolunteerMatch grant, visit