Information for Gannett Employees

Employee Donation Match Program GANNETTMATCH

The Gannett Foundation doubles employee donations to favorite charities with a matching gift from GannettMatch. Matches are requested by either logging a previously made donation or donating through the employee community involvement website, YourCause, on OKTA.  Select “GIVE” and follow prompts. GannettMatch Guidelines.


Employee Giving Campaign GANNETTGIVES
Gannett Foundation makes it easy for employees to support organizations by offering an annual giving campaign through which employees may elect to make automatic payroll deduction donations. GannettGives runs mid-October to early December each year during which employees may elect recipient organizations on our employee community involvement website.

Employee Community Volunteer Program GANNETTACTS
Gannett Media Corp. values the positive community-building impact of volunteerism and encourages employees to give back with 10 hours of paid volunteer time off.  Employees may request volunteer time-off through OKTA Dayforce PTO.  Once employees volunteer 10 hours (through the volunteer PTO or otherwise) they are eligible to apply for a VolunteerMatch Grant on our employee community involvement website.


Madelyn P. Jennings Scholarship Award
This National Merit Scholarship program is available to Gannett Media Corp. employees’ children who are about to enter college. Each year, 12 recipients are selected to receive a one-time award of $3,000. Note deadlines are in March of the student’s Junior year, or approximately 18 months prior to fall matriculation.



How do I request a matching grant?
Where do I request volunter PTO?

Connect to your online PTO portal and select Charity PTO as the type. Once your supervisor has approved your PTO, you are good to go. Note you can use the time in increments.

Who is eligible for the volunteer PTO and GannettMatch Programs?

Gannett employees who work 30+ hours are eligible for GannettMatch and Volunteer PTO.

What are the GannettMatch program rules?

Please see the program Guidelines.

Is a minimum donation required to request a Match?

Yes,  donations must be a minimum of $50. Official receipts are required. Cash donations are not matched.

What types of charities or organizations are eligible for a Matching Grant through GannettMatch?

Eligible organizations are described in the Matching Gifts Guidelines.